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Baking Room
Baking RoomMachine frame
150mm thick insulation Board, independent amplitude modulation, high strength rack
Pulp Side Device
◇Large capacity stainless pot slurry groove, reduce operator workload, add slurry, adjust the pulp convenient
◇The position adjustment device of the pulp-side wheel will quickly adjust the position of the slurry wheel.
◇Unique design of slurry wheel working face, avoiding the problem of rabbit flying slurry and slurry edge unevenness
Energy Management
◇The insulation panel of the whole machine is made of 150mm thick high-density adiabatic material, which makes the oven heat loss at the lowest state
◇Each insulation panel is connected to the rack and the working valve, and the removable strainer is provided with an effective sealing device.
Efficient energy-saving oven design, the overall height of 1600mm, the most low consumption of heat and can meet all kinds of technical requirements
◇The air shielding device is arranged in the oven inlet and outlet cloth
◇Unique energy-saving combustion heating integration
Wind nozzle system
Cut Side Device
Marginal loss of quantity: Cut at the entrance to the outer edge of the sizing cloth. Also, the cut edges are treated cleanly by the suction blower, and as the following wheels and blades are designed to be inclined, they can be trimmed at the end and minimize loss.
The upper cutter by the spring connection is driven by the motor, and is pressed close to the cutting knife, just like the scissors, through the spring adjusts the tightness of the two knives, the maximum up to 250N, can prolong the service life of the cutter.
For the application of different fabrics, the use of the constant flow of motor BTA80 position, manually adjust the button in the shaping machine out of the cloth section. Optional infrared eye and controller can be selected to achieve the automatic detection of the position.
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