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Printing machinery: Increase in the amount of technical progress promotion

2017, with the depth of the market adjustment, the elimination of backwardness, promote the process of high-end has become the normal, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, short process, digital monitoring and intelligent as the development direction of printing and dyeing machinery, leading the printing and dyeing machinery enterprises to open up a broader market. At present, domestic printing and dyeing equipment in the performance has gradually approached the level of similar products abroad, coupled with cost-effective, to provide timely equipment, such as after-sales service advantages, to foreign printing and dyeing equipment enterprises to form a greater competitive advantage.

  In recent years, some established European and Japanese printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers have significantly reduced production, and some even withdrew from our market. As a domestic printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers, Jiangsu Wuxi New Union Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. 2016 sales of nearly 110 million yuan. The company produced mercerized locomotive speed of 130 m/min, welcomed by downstream enterprises, sales continued to increase since 2016. Wuxi Yang Jia Machinery Co., Ltd. is a dyeing machine production enterprises, its products in recent years in the domestic sales growth. The company's 2016 sales in the 160 million Yuan ~1.8 billion, compared to 2015, an increase of 40%.

Jiangsu Hongqi Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. product positioning in high-end, 2016 annual output value of 220 million yuan, the 2015 growth of 15%. At present, the application of intelligent technology of printing and dyeing equipment has been more and more extensive. A variety of digital production monitoring system, digital sizing, automatic distribution system and other products in the printing and dyeing production in the role of more and more, not only can ensure the preparation of dyeing materials precision and reproducibility, in the clean production, reduce labor intensity and stabilize the quality of products have also been more and more user recognition. It can be seen that the popularization of CNC technology for printing and dyeing machinery opened up a new development space. In recent years, the development of digital monitoring system in printing and dyeing workshop and the realization of the whole process data collection are embodied.

Printing and dyeing equipment auxiliary handling robot, flat network handling robot, cloth conveying, tube yarn conveying intelligent logistics system and conveying vehicles, such as intelligent printing and dyeing equipment, the emergence of dyes and auxiliaries automatic distribution technology and products gradually arisen.

At present, "green textile" is still a prominent theme of the development of textile industry, environmental requirements increasingly stringent, the downstream shutdown of most of the printing and dyeing enterprises do not comply with environmental requirements, which also prompted enterprises to more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient high-end equipment needs to increase. On the other hand, many printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers feel the downstream market for equipment varieties adaptability requirements, this gives the research and development ability of enterprises to create opportunities.

For example, with the promotion of environmental protection requirements, the future Blu-ray network market share will be more and more high, such products have unlimited market potential. In recent years, with the rapid development of the knitting cloth market, the overflow dyeing machine with low bath ratio, the low energy flow dyeing machine and the two gas-liquid dyeing machines are becoming the main products of the equipment manufacturers.

Among them, the airflow machine (including gas-liquid machine) growth is more obvious. In addition, at a moment of rising environmental requirements, manufacturers and research institutes have also increased their investment in the development of water-free printing and dyeing equipment.

With the continuous emergence of new textile fibers and fabrics, as well as the increasingly stringent requirements for energy saving and emission reduction, dyeing process will be continuously improved and optimized, and the use of dyeing equipment to achieve this goal, to promote the equipment manufacturing enterprises more actively into research and development. Digital inkjet printing machine not only has the characteristics of diversification, small batch, personalized customization, on the other hand, also comply with the environmental protection, clean production needs. Along with the technical level of continuous improvement, high-speed digital printing machine printing speed has been close to lithographic screen printing machine, while the cost of production gradually decline, is ushered in a rapid growth period. Rich color expression, no flower back limit, no need to plate (save time and Seihan cost), there are water-saving, energy saving, improve working environment, reduce labor intensity and other advantages, are traditional screen printing equipment can not be compared. In the face of high speed and low cost inkjet printing development trend, there are many enterprises have launched a single pass full width of the digital printing equipment.

Attractive market prospects attract more and more enterprises into the digital printing machine and its ancillary products in the development, but high input low output situation, the same to inkjet printing machine manufacturers brought great pressure.

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