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The Tycoon have announced the price increase, textile printing and dyeing enterprises or will usher

Recently, the world's major dyes and chemical giants have issued a notice of price rises, once again to be in the "Gold three silver Four" hot market in the printing and dyeing industry brought a heavy blow, coupled with the increase in domestic environmental pressure, has "three even rise" of the dye fee or will usher in "Four Lian," "Five Lian", and because of "butterfly effect",

A top-down rise in the price of the tide will sweep the chemical fiber industry ...

Global Dye and chemical giants announce price rises

April 2, on behalf of the imported Dye Huntsman Company issued a notice of price increases, the price includes all the dyes and chemicals, the price of the new policy after the entry into force on April 8. According to the company's circular, the main reason for the increase in the dye and chemical intermediates is that, due to pollution problems, local governments have asked many intermediates factories to be closed temporarily or permanently. Due to the increase in production costs, only part of the increase in the cost of allocation to the customer side, otherwise production will not continue.

Notice of price increase in the textile dyeing department of Huntsman Mai


Furthermore, in view of the inclusion of raw materials, transport, the cost of energy and regulatory costs has been rising, BASF, Clariant, Eastman, Arkema, Amway, Basel, Byk and other chemical giants have also issued a letter of price increases, carbon black, pigments, dyes, plasticizers, additives and many other raw materials since April began to increase prices ...

The domestic dye fee or will usher in "Four Lian Rise", "five Lian Rise" "Golden three" period, printing and dyeing giant Aviation people's shares in just one months, three times to raise the dye fee, other companies also follow the rising prices.

Crazy market has been extended to the April, the entire printing and dyeing market orders are still overwhelmed, the list. As a result of dyes in the downstream printing and dyeing enterprises accounted for a greater cost, this time the Giants have to raise prices, will soon trigger a wave of printing and dyeing plants. At present, many printing and dyeing factories have issued a notice of price increases. Follow-up will be more dye factory added to the army of price increases, dyeing fees or will usher in the "Four even Rise", "five Lian-rise." Airlines shares last price adjustment is on April 1, this time to remain calm or to refresh the history record?


Environmental protection, safety supervision and push price rise, printing and dyeing market supply narrowed As a printing and dyeing industry gathering place, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other regions of environmental supervision more stringent than other provinces. Taking Zhejiang as an example, the printing and dyeing capacity of Zhejiang Xiaoshan and Shaoxing occupies more than 30% of the national total capacity. As the printing and dyeing factory is the key target of water pollution inspection, in 2018 Zhejiang province announced the list of key sewage units, only Shaoxing has 219 printing and dyeing factories impressively in the column.

With the continuous upgrading of environmental supervision, all substandard printing and dyeing factories are facing the shutdown.

In addition, the 2018 safety supervision, fire and other inspections continue to increase the intensity of small and medium-sized dyes, printing and dyeing factories caused pressure, when the entire dye, printing and dyeing industry structure after the big shuffle, the market supply will be narrowed sharply.

Rising costs and piling up hot market, grey fabric price The continuous wave of price rises in the printing and dyeing industry will also create pressure on the weaving industry. At present, the conventional fabric of spring, polyester taffeta fabric is still in the tight pattern of supply and demand struggling. Dyeing plant White billet together, delivery extended, small orders do not meet, the process of complex, difficult orders are not connected; High quality customers have to wait in line ...

These are the situation faced by the boss of cloth. It is understood that, due to the market is hot, the current weaving manufacturers in the continuous shipment, inventory pressure to reduce, so the cost of transmission is more smooth, the price of the fabric is hair-trigger.

During the "Silver Four" period, the printing and dyeing factory or will continue to perform the spectacular scene of queuing shipments.

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